Al K: Dr. Zelnick not only provided me with patient, caring service, but spent a lot of time himself finding out whether or not I had insurance coverage for my hearing aids.  I thought I hadn’t, but he discovered that I had and  was able to make all the arrangements at his office on my first visit. I only had to pay 25% of the cost and my coverage includes over 2 years’ supply of batteries and loss insurance.  Furthermore, I can go back to him for adjustments any time I like, and for part replacement every 4 months for no further charge.

Brian G: I was told by my ENT that I would benefit from the use of hearing aids. I went to Dr. Zelnick because he is in my neighborhood. From the first appointment to discuss the benefits of wearing them to to day I picked them up both the Dr. and his receptionist were the the nicest people to do business with. At the time of my fitting Dr. Zelnick called the company’s tech people to make sure the aids were synced with my iPhone app. I can’t thank him enough for the treatment I received as his patient.

Dorothy C: Great service if you having problem he fits u in to get you working again.

Anna P: Dr. Zelnick is a great audiologist. I am very pleased that I found him. I went and spoken to many different providers before, to get my mother hearing aids. Dr. Zelnick is very knowledgeable and provided us with his honest medical opinion on what my mother would benefit from.  He is very easy to work with and very easy to communicate with. He truly went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied with the treatment and the service that was provided by his office. To add, his front office staff is very nice and pleasant to deal with. I have so far recommended 2 other people to his office and they are also very pleased. I would continue to recommend him to anyone.

Dora B: Over the years that my mother has been a patient of Dr. Mark Zelnick,he and all the staff at his office have been responsive to my mother hearing loss concern with great care and presence.  From hearing test to fine tuning my mother hearing aids, everyone has been patient, have taken the time to educate on the proper use and care of hearing aid, as well available for on going support,
On behalf of my mother’s family and care givers, thank you for all your help and support.

Jacquii L: Dr. Zelnick provides the best audiology experience. I’ve been a patient for two years now and his staff is very friendly and courteous. I’m always greeted with a smile. Dr. Zelnick is very patient. He takes his time to examine and explain any issues. I am very grateful that I’ve found his office. Finding a good audiologist isn’t easy. I highly recommend.

Michael G: Super friendly staff! Very informative and easy going. I had a hearing test and it was a very smooth process. They explained the results thoroughly and gave me all the information I needed to follow up with my doctor. Highly recommend them!

Beverly W: I would highly recommend Marc Zelnick and his staff they make you feel important as client they are truly sympathetic to your needs to satification.